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Lynn Sholes
As a native Floridian, Lynn Sholes was intrigued by the prehistoric people of Florida which birthed the seed ideas of her first six novels, writing as Lynn Armistead McKee. Now writing as Lynn Sholes, she has teamed up with Joe Moore writing international bestselling thrillers. Lynn has presented numerous fiction writing workshops and has been a writing trainer and coach for schools in Broward and Citrus County, Florida. She now writes full time from her home in the Sunshine State.


New from Lynn Sholes
(writing as Lynn Armistead McKee)

The EDGE OF THE NEW WORLD collection
Long before Columbus arrived in the New World, a proud and courageous people thrived in a unique environment--the Everglades. Their culture was steeped in mysticism and respect for the spirits and their heritage. Yet even in such a distant time, their lives were rich with triumph and devastation, unbreakable spirit and hardship, passion and heartbreaking loss.

EDGE OF THE NEW WORLD collection includes the first four books in the series: WOMAN OF THE MIST, TOUCHES THE STARS, KEEPER OF DREAMS, and WALKS IN STARDUST.
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Also by Lynn Sholes (writing as Lynn Armistead Mckee)


Many centuries ago, in part of the world we now call the Caribbean, a courageous young woman lost all that she loved--but found the strength to start a new life . . .

She is like nothing they had ever seen before. Her face is oddly compellingly shaped. Her wrist is draped with a beautiful bracelet, brilliant as the sun. Some say that she is evil, that she has come to destroy them. But Joog thinks differently. To him, she is a lonely girl in desperate need of help. She is beautiful, passionate, breathtaking.

She is Nyna . . . Frightened and weak, Nyna has no one to turn to. She lost both of her parents when her peaceful seaside village was attacked by savages--and now she is surrounded by strange people who will never accept her. Joog is her protector, her only true friend. And when she finds herself in terrible danger, his love is the only thing that can save her . . .

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Joe Moore
Joe is a former marketing & communications executive and two-time EMMY® winner with 25 years' experience in the television postproduction industry. He has written articles for national and international trade magazines covering the field of professional sound recording and video. As a freelance writer, he reviewed fiction for the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, the Florida Times Union, and the Tampa Tribune.

Joe is president emeritus of the International Thriller Writers. He writes full time from his home on the banks of the Blackwater River near Pensacola, FL.


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A lone C-47, a mysterious cargo, a clock and dagger mission, and a blizzard in which no pilot in his right mind would dare to fly. United States Army Air Corps Major Howard Murphy was under orders: fly the mission or face the consequences. But curiosity got the best of him as he left the cockpit for a quick look at what lay in the cargo bay. That’s when he got the shock of his life. In the tradition of The Twilight Zone, Final Flight is Major Murphy’s one-way trip to hell.